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Kids Meal Delivery Services to Make Your Week Easier

A Simple and Effective Way to Feed Your Children

As a parent, you can be spending more time on chores than with your family. Make parenting easier so that you can have more quality time with your kids by using a meal delivery service.

Why Kids Meal Delivery?

There are a lot of reasons why you, as a parent, will find meal delivery services extremely helpful in your day-to-day life. The number one reason would be that they offer healthy kid’s meals without the added work of planning and grocery shopping for all of the right ingredients.

On top of the time-saving component, some of these different meal kits are specifically tailored to kids. Do you have a picky eater? With a lot of these services, all you must do is choose the meal that you know your kid will eat and it’s delivered to your home. Some meals even come pre-cooked. Finally, meal kits are a balanced and nutritious way to support your child’s growth.

The Best Kid’s Meal Delivery Services

Now that we know why meal delivery services are so great, you’re probably wondering what options you have. Fortunately, there are a variety of options out there to suit children’s different dietary needs.

Nurture Life

Nurture Life has continuously been voted as one of the best kid’s meal delivery services in the United States. The company was founded by parents Jennifer Chow and Steve Minisini who were struggling to find nutritious fresh foods for their son that didn’t take forever to make. They created Nurture Life to help busy parents ensure their children receive fresh nutritional meals.

The Nurture Life menu has meals for toddlers and children that come pre-cooked and are ready to eat in less than a minute. They have a wide selection of meals and a picky-eater selection. They recently started offering smoothies for kids too.

Nurture Life’s pricing is based on a plan structure. You can start with just six items a week for $7.49 an item. The plans go up to 15 items a week for $6.49 an item. This offers flexibility depending on your family size and schedule. You can also update your plan at any time, skip weeks, or cancel at any time. The only downfall to Nurture Life is that they currently don’t offer baby meals.

Little Spoon

Little Spoon was created by parents who were frustrated with not being able to find fresh organic foods for their babies. This led to them launching their first product, Babyblends. From there they have expanded their selection of meals to include options for toddlers and now offer a variety of kid-friendly meals.

Little Spoon’s Babyblends are categorized into the different eating stages for your baby. They start at Stage 1 (6+ months) and go to Stage 6 (9+ months). You have the option to select blends with no coconut or wheat too. They also have a large selection of finger foods and plates for toddlers and kids that again can be filtered by eating stage. You have the option to filter the meals by ingredients too. On top of this, Little Spoon also offers smoothies. Like Nurture Life, Little Spoon provides meals that are pre-cooked and ready to eat in minutes.

Little Spoon’s pricing starts at $2.99 per Babyblend, $5.99 per plate and $2.79 per smoothie. They use plans where you choose from one to three meals a day for your child. You can also update your plan at any time, skip weeks, or cancel at any time.

Every Plate

A great kids' meal delivery is Every Plate. It's a little different from the above-mentioned meal delivery services because they deliver the ingredients for the meals and you must do the prep. The advantage of this is that the cost is less but the disadvantage is that you spend time cooking.

They do change their meal selection weekly though so there is a lot of variety. These meals are also provided in portions for the whole family so you can cover your children’s meals and your own in one order. Great for people with older children.

When choosing Every Plate meals, you have the option to make your meals family-friendly, vegetarian, quick and easy. You can choose meals with portions for either two people or four people. Then you can select how many meals you want for the week. The cost for four people with three meals a week starts at $65.88 and can go up to 6 meals a week for $119.76.

Hello Fresh

Hello Fresh works like Every Plate does in that they deliver the ingredients to you and you cook the meals. They have a variety of options that provide meals for the whole family. You can select family-friendly meals and their kits start with as little as two meals a week going up to six meals a week.

Compared to Every Plate, Hello Fresh is more expensive with a two-meal week for a family of four costing $89.31. They also don’t have special diet accommodations if anyone in your family requires this.

Green Chef

Like the children’s meal delivery services Little Spoon and Nurture Life, Green Chef uses all USDA organic ingredients in their meals. However, their meal kits are the same as Hello Fresh and Every Plate in that you must prepare the meals. Although they do say cooking these meals should take no longer than thirty minutes.

Green Chef works with different diets like keto, paleo or gluten-free, changing their meal offering every week. These meals are a lot more expensive than the other options with two meals for a family of four costing $103.92.

There are a few other companies worth mentioning. Dibz Kidz is a company that provides pre-made lunch kits for families across the U.S. These pre-packaged lunch kits help parents create more variety in the lunches they provide for their kids without the hassle of trying to be creative. All lunches cost $5.99, and you can create your own if you wish.

Yumble is an organic kids' meal delivery service that was recently purchased by Dibz Kidz and is under restructuring. While they are not currently taking orders they will be again in the future and you can sign up for their mailing list to receive updates.

Finally, Dinnerly is an inexpensive option that works the same as Hello Fresh and Every Plate and its price point is between the two. Three meals for a family of four costs $85.67.