family cruises 2023

The 3 Best Family Cruises of 2023

A Trip the Whole Family Will Love

Going on a cruise ship can be a thrill as there is so much to do on these large ships. The excellent food and activities can keep you and your family entertained for hours. The only issue with these cruises is which one you should pick, as they all seem like the perfect vacation idea for 2023. Some go to the Caribbean, so you live out your fantasy of seeing where pirates used to plunder the high seas, and some even cross the Atlantic Ocean to go to Europe. We will look at the three best family cruises in 2023 that are also kid-friendly.

1. Disney Wish Cruise

Now if you have children, you will know they will want to go on a Disney cruise, and some adults will pick this cruise to get the Disney magical feeling. The Disney Wish cruise is like a standard Disney cruise but taken up to the next level.

There are shows like Worlds of Marvel: a Marvel Comics-themed dinner and Arendelle: A Frozen Dining Adventure, where you get a show based on the hit movie series Frozen. You can visit the Star Wars Hyperspace Lounge, where you and your family can live out their Star Wars fantasy. This Disney cruise ship has almost everything you need, making it one of the best family cruises of 2023.

The huge demand for this cruise is one way to see how popular and good this cruise must be. Tickets are usually more expensive compared to your standard Caribbean cruises.


On this cruise ship, you get to enjoy almost everything available to you. Prices start at around $1,620 per person for a four-day cruise. High demand = high prices.

2. Royal Caribbean’s Wonder of the Seas

You can’t have the best family cruises in 2023 list without adding a Royal Caribbean cruise. They are considered one of the world leaders in the cruising business and for good reason. The Wonder of the Seas cruiser is the biggest and most grand cruiser in the Royal Caribbean’s Oasis ship class.

The best thing about this cruise is that it is the most kid-friendly cruise out there. The ship caters to many children, including two private teenage spaces for 16-year-olds and up, making the cruise easier to deal with instead of having a grumpy teenager.

Grad school kids and even the little kids have spaces where they can hang out and make friends. For slightly older children, the cruise liner offers a multi-deck play area called Wonder Playscape. The younger ones have their play area with soft toys and climbing equipment, which allows them to burn off their excess energy levels during the day.


The prices for the Wonder of the Seas start at an average of around $800 per person on their website; this is for a seven-day cruise, so the price is very competitive. The most expensive suites are around $2,300 for the same seven-day trip. The cruise deals offered on this ship are hard to beat.

3. Royal Caribbean's Symphony of the Seas

The ship has seven different districts to explore on the cruise line, and the Symphony of the Seas has almost everything you’d want on a cruise ship. The Symphony of the Seas is often considered one of the best cruises to book, as there is much to do.

For the people who enjoy thrills and adventure seekers, there is a 10-story high ultimate slide for those who dare to try it. The ship also has a trio of waterslides and a kid-friendly splash pool. The Symphony of the Seas offers similar entertainment options that feature ice, water, air and the stage.

Families can enjoy zip lines, dancing halls, live concerts and world-class buffets. As the ship has seven different districts, you can easily find an activity that will suit your wants. The ship also has activities like laser tag for the children and shows such as the iconic Hairspray. These activities make this cruise one of the best 2023 cruises.


As the ship isn’t as premium as the Wonder of the Seas, the prices are slightly lower, yet you get almost the same options. The prices start at $680 for a seven-day cruise, while the most expensive option, the suites, start at $2,100 for the same seven-day cruise.