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Restore Your Carpets with Cleaning

10 Reasons to Schedule Carpet Cleaning

It’s safe to say that your carpets go through a lot. Muddy boots, dog hair, red wine stains - they are all part of the rich fabric of day-to-day life. Fortunately, these cleaning facts can get your carpets looking like new. Let’s delve into our top ten carpet cleaning facts.

1. Standard Vacuuming Isn’t Enough

For most, cleaning carpets involves using a simple vacuum cleaner a couple of times a week. It’s effective at bringing out surface hair, dirt and dust from the carpet fibers, but this method alone simply isn’t good enough to guarantee clean carpets that are free of germs.

To effectively clean your carpet, you’ll need to use specially-designed carpet cleaners and equipment. While standard vacuuming is still worthwhile and is advised at least once a week, it’s best practice to use a device like a Vax carpet washer.

2. Standard Vacuuming Before Cleaning

Using a standard vacuum to remove all the debris in your carpets before you apply professional-standard cleaning products using a carpet cleaner. Failing to do this step beforehand can cause significant damage to the cleaner and make it less effective over time.

Alongside this, debris left in the carpets will limit the effectiveness of the cleaning process and may leave fibers unclean and prone to further damage.

3. Avoid The Post-Cleaning Smell

When cleaning your carpets, it’s perfectly normal for them to become wet. When carpet fibers are damp, they produce a bad scent that is often described as a ‘wet dog’ smell. While unpleasant, this is only temporary and will disappear as the carpet dries out.

You can use air fresheners to help reduce the smell during the drying process or open windows to let fresh air into the room.

4. The Importance of Regular Cleaning

Carpets can last twenty years or more, but only if you take good care of them. Failure to do so can quickly lead to damage and render your carpets unfit within five years of installing them.

Mud and dirt can wear away at carpet fibers when you move around your home. Engaging regularly with professional carpet cleaning will help keep your carpets looking their best, which is especially important if you have white or light shades.

5. A Specialized Vacuum Won’t Tackle Every Stain

Buying a specialized carpet-cleaning vacuum is an effective way to remove 99% of stains from your carpets and rugs, but there may be rare occasions when something stronger is needed. If there’s a stubborn patch of dirt, consider using a brush - but note that this may damage fibers.

A bucket and sponge mixture is best in these scenarios, allowing you to scrub the affected area. Elbow grease is advised. If that doesn’t work, you can try cutting out the affected fibers with a pair of scissors - but this will be noticeable unless you’re only working on a tiny area.

6. Buy A Certified Carpet Washer

These days, there are lots of great carpet cleaners on the market. There’s a range of styles and abilities, but the most important consideration is its effectiveness at getting the job done.

You should only buy a carpet washer that has International Institute for Cleaning and Restoration Certification. If it’s been certified by this regulatory body, then this means that it’s a product of the highest quality and capabilities.

7. Use What You Already Have

You’d be amazed how many everyday household products are effective at removing tough stains from your carpets. For example, shaving cream can be applied to troubled areas and left for thirty minutes. After that time has passed, wipe the area with a dry cloth and marvel at the diversity of this cheap bathroom product.

Alternatively, if you have chewing gum stuck in your carpets, you can use ice from your freezer to effectively harden it for removal. With spilled candle wax, the opposite rule applies - use an iron over a towel to heat the wax for removal.

8. Eco Products Can Be Just As Effective

It’s a common misconception that environmentally-friendly cleaning products aren’t as effective at cleaning carpets, but this often isn’t the case. Many eco-cleaning products are great for getting the job done, so keep an eye out for vegan and cruelty-free products that consist of fewer chemicals.

9. Brush Your Carpets After Cleaning

To ensure that your carpets dry nicely and quickly, be sure to brush them using specialist equipment once they’ve been washed. This will keep your carpets looking neater for longer.

10. Be Prepared To Call In The Professionals

If you’re struggling to get your carpets to the standard you want, don’t be afraid to call professional carpet cleaners. It’s a massive market in the US, so there are plenty to choose from. They’re experts in this field and know all the best tricks for regenerating your carpets.

Be sure to find someone with a carpet cleaner and shop around for the best rates. If you’re conscious of using eco-products, you can ask them about their practices before committing.