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Age shouldn’t be a barrier to travel. In fact, we think there’s no better time to start exploring the world, than in your 50s, 60s, 70s and upwards. There’s a high chance you’ve retired or reduced your hours at work, and your responsibilities may have decreased from what they once were.

And what better thing to do with your free time than travel?! Travel allows you to explore new places and cultures, meet new people and broaden your horizons, all while enjoying the opportunity to escape the everyday.

But suppose you’re nervous about traveling alone or simply want the support and friendship of a wider group. In that case, there are tons of travel groups you can join, offering tours and travel experiences with like-minded people of a similar age.

Here are some of the best senior travel groups you can sign up for today.

Walking the World

Do you like incorporating sports or physical activity into your trips? If so, you’ll love Walking the World.

Walking the World is the best travel tour company for walkers and hikers alike, with adventures aimed at exploring the natural beauty and the great outdoors and enjoying physical activity.

You’ll make lifelong friends in Walking the World’s small groups, and their expert guides will ensure that you truly immerse yourself in the local cultures of your destinations.


Solo travel in your senior years can be nerve-wracking, but by joining senior travel groups, you can feel more confident in exploring.

Explore runs senior singles tours for over 60s with an average small group size of 11 people. That way, you can make genuinely deep connections with others during your trip. Explore’s trips are graded from relaxed to full-on, so you can decide how much or how little activity you want to do throughout your travels.

So whether you’re into adventure travel or lazing by the beach, there will be a trip that’s perfect for your needs.

Whichever you choose, Explore helps you get to know the destination better by assigning you expert local tour leaders. Popular tours include the Amalfi Coast, Sri Lanka and the Baltic states.


Aimed at those over 50, Eldertreks offers adventures abroad and at home for senior travelers looking to take the path less traveled. With the trips on offer ranging from cultural explorations to safaris and hikes, there’s something to suit every type of traveler with Eldertreks.

The maximum group size you’ll encounter is 16, so you’ll get a great chance to get to know your fellow travelers during group tours. If you’re looking for an overseas adventure that’s a little different, Eldertreks should be your go-to trip provider. There’s even a loyalty program on offer for folks that regularly travel with the company.

Adventures Abroad

Adventures Abroad is a travel company that specializes in organizing trips for small groups. Destinations range from Poland to Kenya, with a vacation on offer that suits every type of traveler.

Expert local guides help you get to know the country you’re visiting, while the Safe Travels stamp of approval from the World Travel and Tourism Council shows that you’re in safe hands with this experienced trip provider.

To ensure you get the attention you deserve, groups are limited to 18 people.

Overseas Adventure Travel

Overseas Adventure Travel (OAT) offers personalized small-group adventures to some of the world’s most interesting destinations. Some places on OAT’s agenda include Sicily, Morocco and Africa, with trips ranging from laid-back cultural trips to full-on activity-filled adventures.

For women wanting to travel with other women, there’s a special category for solo female travelers. If you needed more evidence of why Overseas Adventure Travel is worth checking out, 42,000 other travelers will join the company throughout 2023.

Plus, through the company’s Grand Circle Foundation, OAT has raised millions of dollars for important causes over the years.

Road Scholar

Boasting 6 million participants aged 50+ and 30% solo travelers, Road Scholar is a travel company that leads learning adventures in more than 100 countries. Whether you’re interested in music or art, you’ll find an educational trip that’s perfect for your interests and can teach you new hobbies and skills.

Expect destinations including Costa Rica, Japan, the UK and parts of North America. The company even offers an Adventures Online program, so you can join and learn from the comfort of your own home.

Firebird Tours

Offering luxury getaways to Europe, Firebird Tours is perfect for travelers aged 50+, whether solo, in a couple or as part of a small group. Firebird Tours has designed all of its tours with no coaches, buses or large groups. Instead, you’ll travel by high-speed rail and be in a smaller group, giving you a better chance to get to know all your new travel buddies.

The trips on offer are more affordable than those you’ll find elsewhere, too, so if budget is a concern, take a look at Firebird Tours.

Traveling in a group is a way to make friends and memories you’ll cherish forever. Take a look at the listed senior travel groups to connect with like-minded travelers of your age group while you explore the world together.